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Dan Frakes is a respected technology writer, editor, and book author, as well as an authority on computing and digital devices. He currently leads editorial for Apple’s Mac App Store.

Before joining Apple, he spent four years as a Senior Editor at Wirecutter (a New York Times company), the best site for figuring out which gear to spend your hard-earned money on without spending all your time researching.

For over a decade prior to that, he was a Senior Editor and the “Mac Gems” columnist at Macworld, where he also covered the Mac and iOS platforms; general and mobile computing; fitness technology and wearables; digital media; and consumer audio. He was previously Senior Reviews Editor for Playlist, a magazine and website dedicated to digital audio (later part of Macworld proper), and at various times an Editor, Contributing Editor, and columnist for MacFixIt.com.

Dan is also the author of two editions of the acclaimed Mac OS X Power Tools; author of Your iPod Life; co-author of Ted Landau’s Mac OS X Help Line; and a past editor/author of The Macintosh Bible. Post-Mac OS X Power Tools, he focused on PDF over paper as an editor for the Take Control series of technology-focused ebooks. He also contributed to the online publication TidBITS and wrote articles for various other publications.

In the mid-90s, Dan created InformINIT, an award-winning guide to the “classic” Mac OS and one of the first electronic books. All together, he has written over 1000 articles and authored, co-authored, or edited over 40 books.

Dan was previously named to the MacTech 25, a publicly chosen list of the most influential people in the Mac technical community. He was also one of the people behind ChangeShortName, a popular utility for OS X.

In addition to running his own consulting practice, Dan previously worked in IT at a major university. He was also a public-policy analyst at a research and consulting firm, where his projects included the evaluation of educational technology policy. He is a frequent speaker at tech-related events and was a seventeen-year veteran of the Macworld/iWorld (formerly Macworld Expo) Conference Faculty.